Fall 2019 CEO Message

This edition of Blessings focuses on telling the stories of how Catholic Charities serves local families. An example is the cover story where the Su Casa Health Fair welcomes 167 families to Cincinnati through referral to local health care providers and performs screenings to diagnose healthcare needs.

This is not the only service Catholic Charities provides locally. The Food for All program continues to serve healthy food in food deserts. This work of mercy brings food to rural communities, as well as, in the center of Cincinnati. In this edition, the work to bring fresh produce to Seniors who have limited access is highlighted.

Discovering Mercy – a Prophetic Message in Turbulent Times is also featured in this edition of Blessings. The redesigned speakers series presented by Catholic Charities highlights local efforts by Catholic organizations and other groups.

On Page 4 is a story about Adela. When she arrived in Cincinnati from Honduras, she was 9 months pregnant and homeless. Through kindness and working through Su Casa she has found a safe place to live, a way to gain immigration status, steady work, income, and hope for the future.

This edition also highlights Catholic Charities’ AccuracyNow Language Services program which provides timely and accurate interpreters and translators. It has grown to provide interpretation and transcriptions in 120 languages, telephone interpreters and document translation services.

This issue of Blessings samples only a few of the thousands of local families who experience life-changing works of mercy through your prayerful support of Catholic Charities. In the words of Pope Francis, “…without a witness to mercy, life becomes fruitless and sterile as if sequestered in a barren desert.” Thank you for your confidence and enabling our mission to serve local families who experience poverty and vulnerability.

With peace,
Ted Bergh

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