February Newsletter

Finance Update

by Ross Hallman, Chief Financial Officer

The Finance Department is entering into its busiest time of year. Gay and Madeline have been assisting with the closing of the 2020 financials by accruing expenses, updating records, finalizing grant billing, and preparing documentation for the control portion of the agency’s annual financial audit. Bridget has been updating payroll dates and is making sure that everyone employed or contracted by the agency in 2020 receives their W2s or 1099s. The full financial audit will be the week of March 15th. The entire department will be spending the next 2 months preparing for the week that the auditors from Barnes-Dennig will be on site reviewing all of our financial data. The purpose of the audit is to have an outside firm attest that our financial statements as presented are materially correct.

While the pandemic has created some challenges, all finance staff have diligently worked to coordinate the processes needed to maintain support to the agency while limiting exposure in the office. Checks are still being printed on Wednesdays, so please keep in mind that requests need to be submitted by end of the day Tuesday to avoid a delay. Also, approved payroll reimbursements submitted by COB on Friday’s are able to be reimbursed on the next payroll.

The agency continues to maintain a strong financial position as we head into 2021. Gay, Madeline, Bridget, and myself are always available by phone or email to assist with any questions.

Human Resources Update

by Jill Frazer, Human Resources Director

CONGRATULATIONS! You made it to 2021! Here’s to hoping that easier and healthier times are ahead. I am so glad to have joined this amazing team and am looking forward to continuing the journey with you.

The Onboarding and Employee Wellness Process Improvement Teams are back in business! The first meetings were held in December of 2020. The teams are looking forward to engaging with the rest of the staff as we get to work. A huge thank you to those that have joined the teams.

Onboarding Process Improvement Team
Zachary Auciello
Rachel Burgess
Spring Duncan
Sandy Harrod
Litz Main
Araceli Ortiz
Jose Nine

Employee Wellness Process Improvement Team
Mary Anne Bressler
Karen Burke
Maribel Gonzalez
Sandy Harrod
Angela Homoelle
David Taylor

Annual Policy Review
I will sending out a few policies and procedures for each of you to review and sign over the course of the next few months. The purpose of reviewing and signing off on these policies annually is to ensure that the information stays relevant and familiar to everyone.

The “Conflict of Interest” policy that you received last week is the first of these annual policy reviews. Please take a few moment to review the policy, and return the disclosure statement to me as soon as you can. If you have any questions, please let me know.

COVID-19 Response and Vaccination
We are diligently working on connecting you to COVID-19 vaccine resources. Information will continue to be distributed as soon as it becomes available.

Thanks to each and every one of you for staying diligent with safety protocols and requirements while at work. We have eight teammates contract the virus, but zero reports of community spread between employees, volunteers, contractors, or inters.

Remember to continue wearing your mask, keep social distance, and practice good hand hygiene.

2021 Holidays
All regular employees are eligible for holiday pay beginning with their first day of employment. Regular part-time employees scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week are also eligible for holiday pay if the observed CCSWO holiday occurs on one of their regularly scheduled workdays. To be paid for a holiday, employees must work their last scheduled workday before and after the holiday. Holidays occurring during the employee’s scheduled vacation time are treated as holidays and are not counted as vacation days. If a holiday falls on a non-scheduled workday, the workday preceding or following the holiday normally will be observed.

We observe the following holidays with pay for 2021:

  • January 1
  • Luther King Day (third Monday in January)
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day (last Monday in May)
  • July 4, (Observed on Monday July 5th)
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Friday after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day (Observed on Friday, December 24th)
  • Day after Christmas, (Observed on Monday, December 27th)
  • January 1, 2022 (Observed on Friday, December 31, 2021)
  • Floating Holiday*

Holidays are not considered as hours worked for calculating overtime.

A holiday falling on Saturday will be observed on the previous Friday. A holiday falling on Sunday will be observed on the following Monday.

If a non-exempt employee is required to work on a scheduled holiday, the employee will be paid holiday pay plus one and one-half times the regular rate of pay for each hour worked.

*You can request to use your Floating Holiday at any time throughout the calendar year; it does not have to coincide with a holiday that is not observed by CCSWOH. The Floating Holiday does NOT rollover to 2022, you must use the time before the end of 2021 or it is forfeited.

Employee Benefits
For complete group benefit summaries, please visit the Archdiocese Employee benefits page.

Employee Assistance Plan: This free service is available for ALL ACITVE CCSWOH employees regardless of status and hire date. The EAP is accessible 24 hours a day either online or via phone. You can access the EAP 24 hours a day either online or via phone, and there is never any need to make an appointment first.

Online, you have access to articles, checklists, quizzes and other helpful tools. You can also attend webinars or take online classes. Navigate to anthemeap.com and enter the code: AOC

Via phone, 800.999.7222, EAP counselors are able to assist with setting up one of your four (4) free counseling sessions* with a licensed professional. They are also able to direct you to professionals and experts able to consult with you on various topics.

Dental Plan: Keeping your teeth clean is easier – and less expensive – than ever. As a member of the Dental care Plus Group you can now take advantage of a significant discount on two kinds of Z Sonic Toothbrushes, as well as replacement heads. Complete information can be found HERE.

Career Opportunities
For a complete listing of job openings, please visit the CCSWOH careers page.

If you know someone who may be interested in working for Catholic Charities, please have them contact Jill @ [email protected]




We can create our own customized training content in Relias? If you, or your department, is interested in learning more let me know.

Parent Project Update

by Pam Mortensen, Family Development Services Director

Catholic Charities’ Parent Project classes are currently being offered remotely to families. The life-changing classes offer concrete, no nonsense solutions to the most difficult parent questions. Classes are 10-weeks in length and are being offered remotely starting February 2nd to help parents access services during these challenging times. We look forward to working with parents to support their children in making healthy, safe choices and being successful in all aspects of life.

We tell parents that the some of the program outcomes will help them to:

  • Never argue with their child again
  • Prevent or intervene in alcohol or drug use
  • Improve school attendance and performance
  • Find resources to help their family

Families who reside outside of Butler County are welcome to participate. The only cost is $33.00 for the program participant manual. For more specific information call Patsy Bolden at 513-867-7072.