Post Adoption Services

Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio began facilitating adoptions in 1919 and continued for over 80 years. Although adoptions are no longer completed through our agency, we maintain adoption records from past adoptions facilitated through Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio. The Correspondence Ledger and Adoption Report are are two services that are available through our Catholic Charities Post Adoption Program.

  • The Correspondence Ledger allows communication between birth parents and adoptees, if there is mutual consent. Either party can submit letters, cards, pictures, etc, to our agency where it will be held until the other party reaches out to us to inquire about information.
  • The Adoption Report is an in-depth summary of the adoption record and provides non-identifying information that may include physical characteristics, educational background, occupation, health/medical history, family background and religion.

If you are interested in obtaining information through the Post Adoption Program, please complete this inquiry form. If you have questions, please call (513) 635-5303.