Language Professionals from Catholic Charities provide face-to-face interpretation services to non-English speakers or individuals with Limited English Proficiency to ensure they can access legal, educational, healthcare and other social services. Catholic Charities’ team of Language Professionals works with other non-profits, corporations and businesses to overcome linguistic or cultural challenges.


What we provide

The Language Professionals team of highly skilled interpreters understands that communication is key to successfully serving clients. They strive to accurately transfer the message from one language to another while also caring to preserve cultural nuances that may influence the outcome of each session. Interpreters are available around-the-clock every day of the year and will make every effort to fulfill your needs.


Cost effective, accessible

As  a preferred customer,  you may access the Client Portal to schedule appointments and check on status. We offer professional on-site interpretation services at a low per-hour cost so you can focus on providing the best care for your clients. If you have recurring needs for an on-site interpreter, we can create a customized contract for ongoing services. If you need services one time, we can provide a simple, one-page application and quote.


Qualified professionals

Catholic Charities carefully screens and trains language interpreters before assigning them to clients. Our interpretation expertise began through our work supporting the needs of refugees and immigrants in our community. We strive to apply the same exceptional expertise to you ensure the best possible experience for your clients or prospective clients. Language Professionals possess the cultural competency and language proficiency needed to ensure effective communication between parties.  Many interpreters have experience in medical, educational, social service, employment, business and legal environments.


Contact us

Why settle for any interpreter? Work with a Language Professional from Catholic Charities. Contact Litz Main, program coordinator, at 513-672-3786 or email Litz today.

Schedule an Interpreter

It’s easy to schedule an interpreter online.


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