September Newsletter

AccuracyNow Language Services Update

by Litz Main, Director of AccuracyNow Language Services

In-person interpretation has been greatly impacted during this pandemic. Some service providers have chosen to stop using face-to-face interpreters and switched to remote options such as OPI (Over the Phone Interpreting) or VRI (Video Remote Interpreting). Our team has made a great effort to adapt and offer alternative solutions to our customers to minimize the effect of the imposed social distance over our program’s operation.

Claudia Galeano, Consumer Relations & Scheduling Specialist, has been working directly with our customers to inform them about the technology tools we have adopted so that they are able to continue to serve their non-English speaker clients. Zoom, Skype, Google Meets and conference calls are the new way of connecting interpreters, providers and service users. Meanwhile, this has allowed Saria Martin, Recruitment & Retention Specialist, to provide additional support to our interpreters to ensure that they master the different platforms used for each appointment and overcome any barriers (background noise, appropriate positioning, internet speed, etc.) that may interfere with the session.

Despite the challenges and continuous changes, AccuracyNow Language Services has been present in the community providing over 4,800 hours of interpretation since the pandemic started in March of this year. We have been consolidating our brand through creative solutions and unparalleled support to our interpreters and customers, while growing and improving through new internal and external partnerships. Internally, we are working closely with our Director of Quality and Innovation, Jose Nin̩, who in collaboration with the Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations РUniversity of Cincinnati are diligently focusing on our departments strategic planning for the upcoming year. We anticipate that this collaboration will take us to the next level of growth and profitability for the benefit of our entire agency.

Externally, we are proud to have been selected by the City of Cincinnati to translate the printed material for the 2020 Census. Flyers and palm cards reaching households in the Greater Cincinnati area were translated into Spanish, Urdu, French and Arabic by our team of professional translators.

Family & Parenting Services Update

by Pam Mortensen, Director of Community Outreach

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Welcomes New Staff

Chido Mudzonga joined the ECMH team on 9/14/20 as a new consultant. Chido was an intern in the department this past school year so comes with experience and a passion for serving others. We are very excited to have her rejoin the team!

Parenting Education Classes Offered Virtually

Catholic Charities Hamilton office is currently providing the 6-week parenting education class on Monday nights virtually to families with children under 12 years of age. Each class offers very practical information on child development, positive discipline strategies, stress management, communication and problem solving as parents. Parenting is a highly demanding job but during these challenging times it is likely many parents are in need of additional support.

Families can join at any time. Cost is $80.00

For more information please contact Patsy Bolden at (513) 867-7072

Marketing & Communications Update

by David Taylor, Director of Marketing & Communications

2020 has been quite a year of transformation for the marketing and communications department at Catholic Charities. Last year, we aligned on increasing Catholic Charities’ awareness and reach. This has been brought to life in 2020 through quarterly 14′ x 48′ HD Digital Outdoor Billboards on I-71 North at Smith Road and six (6) Jr. Posters placed throughout the city during the months of April – October. In April, we began sending out monthly external email blasts to our community partners and supporters making them aware of what we are doing in Greater Cincinnati and upcoming events. We also began sending out monthly internal email blasts to let everyone know what different departments have been up to for the year. Also in April, we launched Catholic Charities new website.

Also, with the COVID-19 pandemic taking place this year, we needed to figure out how to adapt our key events virtually. The Refugee Resettlement Team and IT Team were great partners in helping us launch our first virtual event, World Refugee Day, on Facebook Live. The event took place on 6/20 and new software, Adobe Premier Elements and OBDS studio, was used. Rachel Burgess was the MC. 78 households attended the event and 2,444 people have been reached to date via play back.

Following the World Refugee Day Virtual Event, came the Su Casa Virtual Gala on 7/16. Catholic Charities partnered with Heroic Strategies and GiveSmart to bring to life the fundraiser virtually on Catholic Charities’ website. It included client stories, a tribute recognizing Ted Bergh, a tango dancing performance, flamenco guitar performances, the ability to bid on gift baskets and make donations, and much, much more. The event MCs were Giovanna Alvarez and Dan Sarell. 113 maximum households viewed the event at one time. It turned out to be our most successful Su Casa fundraiser to date!

What is on the horizon:

  • A new bilingual Su Casa website
  • Champions of Mercy Virtual Event