Children Available for Adoption

There are thousands of children in Ohio awaiting a forever family.  The State of Ohio maintains the Ohio Adoption Photo Listing Book with information about these children.  The book is available to view on the Adopt Ohio webpage.

Many of these children are older and have been removed from homes because of neglect or abuse – both physical and sexual. Many of the children are sibling groups who need to remain together. Some children may have challenges due to the trauma of their early life experiences. Some challenges include difficult behaviors, educational needs, or difficulty to trust. Some have medical conditions, intellectual disability, autism, and other disabilities.

Like all children, they need love, consistency and a permanent home. The rewards may not come immediately; but all children are precious and in need of our love and direction.

If you are interested in adopting a child you find on Adopt Ohio, your application can be sent directly to the Public Agency in your county, or our agency can assist you. The listing of Ohio Public Agencies is located in the back of the Ohio Adoption Guide. This guide is available at your request.