Services Offered

Catholic Charities can help you through many mental health issues.


Stress Management
Generalized Anxiety
Panic Disorders
Shyness/Social Anxiety
Depression/Loss of Interest/Fatigue
Grief & Loss


Relationship Conflict
Anger Management
Recovery from Affairs
Parenting Skills
Divorce Recovery

Addiction & Self-Image

Substance Abuse
Body Image/Eating Disorders
Compulsive Gambling
Sexual Addiction
Guilt/Shame/Low Self-Esteem


ADHD/Academic Problems
Oppositional Behavior/Bullying
Separation Anxiety/Fear of Loss
Childhood Sexual Abuse

Pregnancy Counseling

Unplanned Pregnancy

If you suffer from any of these issues, it is important to get help.

Most Americans suffer from some type of mental health issue at some point in their life, yet the majority go untreated.  Good mental health is as important as good physical health.  Our mental health impacts our physical health, as well as our relationships, work and school performance, spirituality and overall well-being.

At Catholic Charities, it doesn’t matter your age, faith or income level.  We can help you.

We accept Anthem, Humana and Medicaid, and we offer a sliding fee scale for clients with no insurance.  Call 513-489-8898 for a confidential appointment.  Evening appointments and Spanish-speaking counselors are available.

Find the location closest to you.