Early Childhood

Mental Health Consultation & Training

iStock_000004489006XSmallIn today’s society, an increasing number of toddlers and preschool children are developing behavior problems.  Childcare providers often lack adequate training and support to deal with these issues.

Catholic Charities has developed a comprehensive and innovative program for Butler County to train and provide consulting to providers of care for children from birth to 7 years of age, including their families.  We are the primary provides of Early Childhood Mental Health consultation in Butler County.

We focus on

  • social-emotional growth and development of young children
  • family and community relations
  • assessment and intervention for young children
  • professional development for child care providers.

The goal of Early Childhood Mental Health consultation is to maintain childcare/school placement for young children.

Are you a childcare provider interested in bringing Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation to your organization or school, a parent interested in the program, or know of a parent who would benefit?  Contact Pam Mortensen at pmortensen@ccswoh.org or (513) 867-7063.

Please consider making a donation to help us expand the program so we can improve the lives of many more children.