The Incredible Years

puppets-e1361391678289An increasing number of children are developing behavior problems tied to underdeveloped social and emotional skills. These issues can lead to major challenges for the child and parents.

Catholic Charities has brought The Incredible Years, a nationally recognized program, to Butler County.  This program targets children (preschool to 7 years of age) with behavioral problems, their parents and teachers.  It is designed to prevent and treat behavior problems in children and strengthen parenting skills and the parent/child relationship.

We offer three programs.

  • The 18-week Dina Small Groups which utilizes innovative life-sized puppets to teach proper social and emotional skills.
  • The 20-25 week classroom presentations to preschool-1st grade students to promote social/emotional skill building.
  • The 14-week parenting program to improve the ability of parents to decrease aggressive and inappropriate child behavior.


We are always in need of volunteers to be mentors.

There is also a great need for the program and your donation would allow us to expand our services to more schools and organizations.

Are you a school interested in bringing Incredible Years to your school, a parent interested in one of our programs, or know of a parent that would benefit?  Contact Pam Mortensen at or (513) 863-6129.