Senior Services

iStock_000005161151XSmallThe numbers are staggering – 10,000 baby boomers are entering retirement age every day and the pace will continue for the next 20 years, according to Pew Research Center.   The number will almost double between now and 2030 – from 60 million today to 108 million in 2030 – from 21% of the U.S. population to 31%.

Many seniors need special assistance with transportation and other daily activities.  Others are looking for a way to find value and contribute to their community.

Catholic Charities is there to serve those who are 55+.

  • Through our Foster Grandparent program, we place seniors into schools and other organizations throughout Hamilton County to mentor disadvantaged youth.
  • Through our Senior Companions program, we pair senior volunteers with other seniors who need socialization, assistance with daily activities and daily chores like light housekeeping.
  • Through our RSVP program, we offer volunteer opportunities for those 55 and older with non-profit organizations throughout Hamilton County, as well as other Catholic Charities programs.
  • Through our Caregiver Assistance Network, we offer a variety of free services, valuable support, and resource information to assist the caregiver in providing quality care for their loved one.
  • Through our Mental Health Services, we provide mental health counseling (including in-home therapy) to seniors who often suffer from mental health issues unique to the aging process.

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