Why Do We Do What We Do?

Su Casa Firetruck

There are three main reasons why Su Casa works so hard for the Hispanic/Latino community:

  1. The Hispanic/Latino immigrant comes to our country in the hope of a better life for their families, just like our immigrant forbearers.  Each immigrant is made in the image and likeness of God and deserving of dignity and respect.  Learn more about these immigrants.
  2. Our Christian faith mandates that we serve the poor, vulnerable and stranger among us.
  3. As these immigrants become acculturated into American society, our communities will be better and enriched by the rich cultural contributions of the Latino/Hispanic community.  Greater Cincinnati is a great community in large part due to the contributions of the German, Irish, Italian, Vietnamese and Eastern European immigrants of generations past.

To serve these brothers and sisters, we:

  • Assist immigrants in increasing their own survival skills and self-fulfillment
  • Provide program and services according to their needs.
  • Assist immigrants who once received services from us to give back to others in need.
  • Connect Hispanic/Latino individuals amongst each other to create a sense of community and to assist them in preserving their cultural values, richness.
  • Enrich lives so that more people can minister to themselves and lead lives of dignity.
  • Build empathy in the community where we live towards the immigrant.

Learn more about the immigration teachings of the Catholic Church.  These important documents are a must-read:

Learn more about the facts about immigration.