How Do We Measure Success?

Success Stories

We define success at Catholic Charities by the number of people impacted and transformed by the services we provide in the name of Christ.

Read about some of our success stories.


Success is told in many ways.  Another way to gauge Catholic Charities’ effectiveness is to learn about our outcomes.

2016 Mid-Year Update

Versus a year ago …

Feeding the Hungryfood-for-all-little-girl-3-adams-county-edit

  • 19,019 individuals served by mobile pantry in Springfield.
  • 2.2 MM meals provided at Second Harvest Food Bank. 13% increase.
  • 90,419 meals provided through Food for All and St. Leo pantry

Protecting the Vulnerable

  • 20% increase in Parenting Education participants. Served 170 clients.
  • 14% increase in Early Childhood Mental Health Sessions in Butler County. Served 1,306 children.
  • 111 immigrants received Legal Immigration Services. 123 referred to outside attorneys.
  • 7% decrease in mental health sessions. Served 2,845 clients with 5,219 sessions.


Welcoming the Stranger

  • 36% increase in refugees being resettled. So far, 223 this
  • 173 refugees/immigrants in ESOL Classes.
  • 580 individuals received Emergency Assistance Stabilization services from Su Casa.
  • 253 people participated in the Su Casa Health Fair and mobile health screenings. 796 individuals established a relationship with a medical, vision or dental home.
  • 232 mothers and children benefited from Legal, Mental Health and other services from our Unaccompanied Minors/Single Household programs.
  • 68 children attended Su Casa’s Vacaciones Útiles, a 9% increase.

Sharing Mercy

  • 1,868 volunteers in CCSWO programs; 19% increase.
  • 81,462 Senior Corps volunteer hours; 1% increase