Spring 2019 CEO Message

Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio serves local families. Many Catholic agencies serve the poor and vulnerable. Catholic Relief Services does great work with serving people with needs in other countries. The Catholic Campaign for Human Development’s annual special collection primarily distributes funds through a national office to local groups who are not limited to Catholic Agencies.

Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio is part of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and under the direction of the Archbishop who appoints our board. All of the charitable works performed by Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio are local. All the funding received is to serve local Cincinnati families.

This edition of Blessings is devoted to illustrating the Works of Mercy made possible by your sharing in the work that we perform. Our focus includes working in support of parishes and in collaboration other local charities. An example is the story in this edition of Blessings about dealing with the Opioid Addiction crisis at the parish level. We are working with Catholic Parishes, other denominations and human service agencies to address these issues at the parish ministry level.

Catholic Charities’ mission is to lift up families threatened by adverse situations. The story about Laura’s success in saving her her family through the Parent Project/loving Solutions program is one to achieve this goal. It is always important to remember that is occurs one family at a time. Another example is the Moving Beyond Depression program. This program enables mothers to experience precious time with their children and it vital to child’s early development.

Our Food for All program, in five rural counties East of Cincinnati (Adams. Brown, Clinton, Clermont, and Highland), strengthen families to weather hard times with nutritious meals. We also work with UC Medical Students to inform family meal providers on providing the most nutritious meals to their families. Please take a moment to see these stories included in this edition of Blessings.

Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio provide services through many partners in addition to UC Medical Students. There are over 100 agencies and service providers locally who collaborate with Catholic Charities in providing services to local families. In April, there were two health fairs to connect families to health services. This story describes these health fairs and a few of the partners that participated in these events. These partnerships avoid expensive duplication of services and more effectively deliver services.

All our work is in partnership with local churches, parishes and agencies to provide services with local families. Please continue to pray for our mission to be God’s mercy to the poor and vulnerable. You may learn more or volunteer at our web site CCSWOH. org. We are also on social media. Please share this edition of Blessings and contact me, or David Taylor if you have any questions.

With peace,
Ted Bergh

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