The Crisis in Ukraine and Refugee Resettlement Update

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, including Cincinnati’s sister city of Kharkiv, has tragically displaced millions of innocent people. We pray that a peaceful resolution can still be found to save lives and end the assault, so that victims of war can safely return to their homes and rebuild their lives.


On March 24, the White House announced that the United States will welcome up to 100,000 Ukrainians and others fleeing Russia’s aggression through a full range of legal pathways, including U.S. refugee admissions, parole and immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Catholic Charities serves as the sole refugee resettlement agency for Southwest Ohio, and, as of now, it is unknown how resettlement agencies may be called to respond. Some Ukrainians may arrive here on their own through temporary pathways or other legal means, but refugee resettlement is a means of last resort for those who have no more options. In any case, we stand ready to serve.


We are continually grateful for the outpouring of volunteerism and support from throughout the region in response to the recent Afghan evacuation and increase in refugee resettlement overall.   Responding organizations continue to need community support of prayers, donations and volunteers.  Those interested in helping can contact Dan Sarell of Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio at 513-672-3710 or Wilson Mejia of Kentucky Refugee Ministries at 859-491-2220.


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