Family Development Services

Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio cultivates transformative relationships – of solidarity and empowerment – among our supporters, staff and volunteers, and the vulnerable populations whom we serve. A primary need for empowerment is keeping families together and to view the family as system, whose care and well-being is necessary for each member to flourish. We have an array of programs designed to offer information and provide support.

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

In today’s society, an increasing number of toddlers and pre-school children are developing behavior problems. Child care providers often lack adequate training and support to deal with these issues. Catholic Charities’ Family Development Services has developed a comprehensive and innovative program in Butler County to train and provide consulting to providers of care for children from birth to 6 years of age, including their families. The consultation services focused on social-emotional growth and development of young children, family and community relations, assessment and intervention for young children, and professional development for child care providers.

Parent Education Classes

Catholic Charities’ Family Development Services offers Parenting Education Classes that teach at-risk parents how to be effective parents. Over six weeks, parents increase their knowledge of child development, develop appropriate discipline skills, and otherwise improve the relationship with their children. The classes empower parents to foster growth in their children so they thrive and achieve success in school and life. Classes are offered to all parents regardless of faith. Classes are taught by experienced instructors who are parents themselves and the cost is $80.

The Parent Project®

Catholic Charities’ Family Development Services facilitates the Parent Project®, which uses evidence-informed social-emotional learning strategies to address behavioral and mental health issues in children and teens, and to provide strategies for parents to foster positive connections with them.

The Parent Project® is the largest juvenile intervention program in the U.S. proven to reduce juvenile crime and increase both school attendance and performance among adolescents. Catholic Charities provides the Parent Project®, Loving Solutions and WhyTry at three communities in Butler County.

Over ten weeks, parents learn to address destructive behaviors and provide emotional and practical support for their children. Loving Solutions is adapted to the needs of children ages 5-11, and WhyTry is designed for teens ages 11-17 to decrease expulsion and rule-breaking behaviors, improve mental health and overall academic behavior.

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