Food Assistance

Every month, Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio travels to Adams, Brown, Clermont, Clinton, Hamilton and Highland counties with our Food for All mobile pantry.  Working with local organizations, our pantry is set up for the day.

Where are the pantries?

  • St. Mary Catholic Church, Bethel, in Clermont County, on the second Friday of the month
  • St. Columbkille Catholic Church, Wilmington, in Clinton County, on the second Thursday of every odd month
  • Blanchester Church of Christ, Blanchester, in Clinton County, on the second Thursday of every even month
  • Greater Life Assembly Church, near Rocky Fork Lake, in Highland County, on the fourth Thursday of the month
  • RULH/Ripley High School, Ripley, in Brown County, on the third Wednesday of the month
  • Fairgrounds Administration Building, West Union in Adams County, on the fourth Tuesday of the month
  • St. Joseph Catholic Church, West End Cincinnati in Hamilton County, on the second Tuesday of the month

Am I eligible to attend?

Food for All follows the TEFAP guidelines based on household size and income level.  If your household size is at or below the income listed, your household may receive food.

TEFAP graph

What do I need to bring?

Please bring a picture ID to verify identity and a current piece of mail for proof of address.  We do not need any paperwork to prove income level.  We will ask you if your household makes the required amount or below listed.  This is a yes or no answer, again no paperwork is needed.

May I pick up for a neighbor or friend who could not make it?

Yes, if they reside in the county we are distributing and their household meets the income eligibility guidelines.  We still need a picture ID, current piece of mail in addition to a completed Proxy form signed by the individual requesting food.  We ask that the individual attends the pantry on the initial visit.

Need Food Assistance?

Please call (513) 672-3720.