Discovering Mercy Speaker Series

Our Discovering Mercy Series focuses on five areas of current concerns and articulates the Catholic belief regarding these. The topics prepared present the Catholic understanding and approach based on Holy Scripture, Catholic tradition and teaching, letters from the church magisterium, and contributions by Catholic writers. The series are set up to present local action by Catholic organizations and other groups and will give you the opportunity to join in the work in a constructive way.

Topics include:

  • 1. Care for God’s Creation
    The Earth and everything in it are part of God’s beautiful creation; we are called to both protect it and insure that all of God’s creatures enjoy its bounty. Take a deeper dive into Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si’, and the many issues of justice that weave into God’s call to care for creation.
  • 2. Understanding Mental Health
    Awareness is rising of the mental health crisis that is prevalent in our nation and in the world. Learn what the term mental health means and how to take care of yourself and your loved ones who may be suffering from mental illness.
  • 3. Food for All: Hunger in Ohio
    The Food for All Program is reducing hunger in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Learn about Catholic social teaching and how Catholic Charities is combating hunger in rural and urban food deserts. Let’s work together to reduce poverty and hunger in our community.
  • 4. Dismantling Racism
    Racism is called America’s original sin, and there has been decades of marginalization, oppression and prejudice against African-Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics and diverse ethnic groups. We are all children of God with human dignity to protect. We should continue to welcome and protect the vulnerable in our churches, communities, neighborhoods, and families. Learn more about the roots of this intrinsic evil, how it is present today and how we can work to change our behaviors.
  • 5. Protecting Our Neighbors: A Response to Global Migration
    In a time of increased suffering and fear among our brothers and sisters in the immigrant and refugee communities, men and women of conscious ask themselves: How can I be in solidarity with the oppressed? Protecting Our Neighbor seeks to inform listeners on the global migration crisis and how to act strongly in our faith on behalf of the oppressed.

To learn more or schedule a presentation, reach out to our Parish Outreach Coordinator at (513) 672-3714.