Family & Parenting Services

Families are important, and growing healthy families can be a challenge in today’s world. Parenting is becoming tougher in today’s culture. Children are becoming more vulnerable.

Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio can help parents with those large and small problems that create stress in families. We have an array of programs designed to offer information and provide support. Our staff is ready to walk with you to identify and implement the changes you would like to make in order to be more confident in this most important role.

  • Through Parent Project® and WhyTry programs, we empower parents and transform youth through 10 weeks of classroom instruction. The program is designed for parents of strong willed children, provides strategies to defuse arguments, improve school attendance and performance and address substance abuse.
  • Through our Parenting Education Classes, we teach at-risk parents how to be effective parents. We offer a variety of courses to help parents increase their knowledge of child development, develop appropriate discipline skills, and otherwise improve the relationship with their children. One such course runs for six weeks and is designed for parents of children 12 years of age and younger. The course increases parents’ knowledge of child development, appropriate discipline skills and how to improve their relationship with their children. Classes are taught by experienced instructors who are parents themselves and the cost is $80.
  • Through the Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation program, we provide consultation and educational training services to child care and early childhood providers and families. We focus on:
    • Social-emotional growth and development of young children
    • Family and community relations
    • Assessment and intervention for young children
    • Professional development for child care providers.
  • The goal of Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation is to maintain childcare/school placement for young children.

All of these services are offered in Butler County. To learn more about the programs, please call (513) 867-7063.